Why should we Re(define) Fashion?

In the fashion industry, more and more attention is given to the term ‘sustainable fashion’. A thorough explanation of sustainable fashion is essential because there is so much misunderstanding about it.  Sustainable fashion (also known as eco-fashion) is an all-inclusive term describing products, processes, activities, and actors (policymakers, brands, consumers) aiming to achieve a carbon-neutral […]

RESTART Project: Project Meeting in Larissa

Οn the 12th and 13th of May 2022, Innovation Hive hosted the 2nd TPM of the RE-START project, at its premises in Larissa, with active participation of all the project’s partners (GRANTXPERT, DANMAR COMPUTERS, FUNDEUN, UBI, HOU, INNOVATION HIVE). After a thorough tracking of the so far project’s progress and explanation of the next implementation […]

GD Hive workshop in Greece

GD HIVE goal is to empower youth with new competencies, and enhance their employability in green/circular economy. This is a key long-term investment in human capital. As the GD HIVE project comes to an end, the final steps for its completion are being taken. Five workshops, one in each partner country, where set to take […]

SCE-VET: Anchoring Social Circular Economy Attitudes in VET

The Erasmus+ KA2 project “Sce-vet: Anchoring Social Circular Economy Attitudes in VET” was launched in December 2021 with a duration of 30 months. SCE-VET project has the intention to highlight substantial opportunities, insights and themes regarding Circular Economy (CE) and the link to social enterprises. The project is aiming to inspire people to rethink and […]

Zero Waste: An innovative approach to food waste management in order to educate young people to value food and reduce waste

Τhe recent EU policies aim to protect the environment and seek to minimize the risks related to climate, human health and biodiversity. The European Green Deal presented in December 2019, aims to make Europe the world’s first climate-neutral continent, in part by developing cleaner sources of energy and green technologies. However, a problem that includes […]

GD HIVE: Youth business activities in terms of circular economy to achieve Green Deal goals

In December 2019, a set of policy initiative named as “European Green Deal” presented by European Commission in order to face the threat of the climate change and environmental degradation.  The threats are visible and are scaled up each passing year, for example the climate is changing as the atmosphere is warming and the temperature […]

Green Deal goals and Youth business activities!

In 2019, European Commission launched the action plan that aims to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy, restore biodiversity, and cut pollution. Through the action plan, EU has the aim to make the economy more sustainable and be ready on 2050, the year in which there are no […]

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