A glimpse into Creativity WEB-TOOLKIT

Stabilizing the tumultuous relationship between two complex systems—human culture and the natural world—is the goal of environmental sustainability and an important priority of the European Union. Following this line, Green Artivism project aims to include the creative and artistic sector in the political discussion of climate change and reinforce and educate them with tools that […]

Language learning: a multilateral skill

Nowadays, if someone wants to be successful in their career, it is important to learn how to take advantage of the free time and use it to acquire a new skill. It has been proven that people who are willing to learn something new every day, whether it’s foreign cultures or learning a second language, […]

RESTARTVET: “Completion of IO2: Training curriculum for VET teachers and trainers on e-learning methods and provided digital techniques”

We are very proud to announce the completion of the Training Curriculum & Training Materials for VET teachers and trainers. Our topics include information about Communication & Collaboration, Information & Data Literacy, Presentation & Multimedia Technologies, Digital Content Creation, Digital Safety & Security, Social Media Management, Virtual Collaborative learning & Co-creation, Personalized Curriculum and Learning, […]

FinanciaLit4Women: “Completion of IO2: Financial Literacy Digital Game”

The financial literacy refers to the understanding of what is needed to achieve a lifestyle that is financially balanced, sustainable, ethical and responsible. One of the goals of “FinanciaLit4Women” project is to enhance the following financial skills of NEETs women Budgeting Saving money Controlling spending Handling mortgage and other debt Participating in financial markets Planning […]

FLY-IN Multiplier Event (11&12 July)

Would you be interested in gaining knowledge about financial literacy? Would you like to learn how to manage your personal budget? In the framework of the ERASMUS+ project “Fly-In: Financial Literacy for Young Women – Addressing the Financial Literacy Needs of Young Women for their Financial Inclusion”, Innovation Hive will implement short pilot trainings at […]

GD Hive workshop in Greece

GD HIVE goal is to empower youth with new competencies, and enhance their employability in green/circular economy. This is a key long-term investment in human capital. As the GD HIVE project comes to an end, the final steps for its completion are being taken. Five workshops, one in each partner country, where set to take […]

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