Innovation Hive’s expertise is falling within the fields of:

  • Business and Social Innovation

    All range of Innovation Hive’s activities are aiming to the application of innovative, practical, sustainable, business-like approaches that achieve positive social and/or environmental change. Our ambition is to bring solutions to social issues by the use of open science and co-creation methodologies. In addition, we provide solutions to businesses in order to achieve growth, sustainability and risk reduction.

  • Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

    We are promoting a set of processes that boost the development of an idea into a business venture able to face the market challenges. In regards to that, we provide solutions to accelerate the growth of scale-ups or start-ups and commercialization of products as well as coaching activities during all steps of a business. By supporting the creation and development of new innovative companies we aim to tackle unemployment that affects the young generations, boost innovative sustainable ideas and promote entrepreneurship as a tool for economic growth and wellness of societies .

  • New technologies and Digitalization

    We support all actions for digitalization of the industry that can lead to digital transformation. We believe that the introduction of disruptive technologies into the industry can lead to a radical positive change of the entire industries. By the use of automation, optimization and autonomy of processes we try to develop concepts that can bring more flexibility and individuality in the final products and services that are preparing for their entrance in the market. Our general aim is to develop innovative business models and digital solutions in order to support the digitalization and the digital transformation of the industries across all Europe.

  • Circular Economy and Sustainability

    We are ambitious that through the promotion of circular economy concepts we can deliver benefits such as reducing pressure on the environment, improving the security of the supply of raw materials, increasing competitiveness of businesses, stimulating innovation, boosting economic growth, creating jobs. Through our activities we promote sustainable production and consumption and prepare the society and the relevant stakeholders in order to adapt new sustainable models with the aim to achieve the sustainable development goals that have been setted by the European Commission.

  • Youth

    Regarding this sector, through the implementation of EU projects, we give the opportunity to young people, informal groups, youth workers and youth organizations to be part of the European Union’s initiatives, be active citizens and contribute to the improvement of the quality of youth work. We build capacity, initiate international partnerships, and offer new opportunities to young people. In this way, young people are getting aware of other cultures, while gaining knowledge, skills and experience for their personal and professional life.

  • Education and Training

    In this field we refer to our experience in the development of educational materials, training activities and practice-driven courses. These are tailored to educators, schools of all levels, youths and adults focusing mainly on systemic problems.

  • Social Inclusion

    Our activities and actions are improving the paths of participation in society, particularly for people who are disadvantaged, through enhancing opportunities, access to resources, employment, voice and respect for rights.

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