In an increasingly digitized world, the preservation of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) holds immense importance. The iNTANGIBLE project, driven by the desire to safeguard and exhibit ICH, is committed to establishing standardized procedures and methodologies for the digital preservation and exhibition of these invaluable cultural practices, expressions, knowledge, and skills. As part of their initiatives, a two-day online training has been organized to delve into the fundamentals of the project, ICH, the digitization process, and its evolution over time.

Exploring the iNTANGIBLE Project and Intangible Cultural Heritage. The training kicks off with a comprehensive presentation on the iNTANGIBLE project. Attendees are introduced to the mission, goals, and core principles of the project, emphasizing the need for preserving and showcasing ICH through modern digitization methods. Following this introduction, the focus shifts to understanding the concept of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The participants are presented with a diverse range of ICH examples from various communities, groups, and individuals. This segment highlights the rich tapestry of ICH and emphasizes the significance of its preservation to maintain cultural diversity and promote intercultural dialogue.

Digitization of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The second day of the training explores the digitization process in ICH and how it has evolved over the years. Participants gain an overview of ICH digitization, recognizing the challenges, advancements, and best practices in capturing, documenting, and preserving intangible heritage in the digital realm. The session provides insights into the transformative power of digitization in enhancing access, promoting research, and ensuring the longevity of ICH. The training also includes real-life examples of ICH digitization from project partner countries. These examples showcase both digitized and non-digitized forms of ICH, offering participants a comparative understanding of the impact and benefits of digitization. By highlighting successful digitization projects, participants gain inspiration and practical knowledge to guide their own preservation efforts.

The iNTANGIBLE Digital Platform and the Concept of the Digital Map The final segment of the training introduces the participants to the innovative INTANGIBLE digital platform. The concept of the digital map is presented, enabling users to explore ICH in different regions, learn about its cultural significance, and engage with resources that bring the intangible heritage to life.

The iNTANGIBLE project signifies a significant step forward in the preservation and exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage. By standardizing digitization procedures and methodologies, the project aims to safeguard ICH for future generations while also making it accessible to a wide audience. As we navigate the digital age, the iNTANGIBLE project serves as a beacon, reminding us of the intrinsic value and importance of our intangible cultural heritage.

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