Advanced Personalised, Multi-Scale Computer Models Preventing Osteoarthritis

Our Role

Innovation Hive’s role is to carry out the financial and administrative coordination, according to the specific requirements and conditions presented in the project proposal and the programme guidelines.

Service Description

The OActive scientific and technological objectives focus on the development of patient-specific computer models and simulation in order to develop appropriate OA prevention interventions or treatments. The main focus of the OActive will be on knee OA (KOA) because this is the joint where OA symptoms most frequently cause significant loss of function and mobility.

The project objectives include:
⦁ Mechanistic modelling framework of the musculoskeletal system
⦁ Systemic health and inflammation modelling framework
⦁ Behaviour, social, environmental modelling framework
⦁ Hyper Modelling framework empowered by big data
⦁ Ontology-based framework for data /models reusability and sharing
⦁ Personalised interventions using Augmented Reality (AR)
⦁ Technology Validation

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