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Michael Lagos

He holds a BA degree in Finance and Accounting from the faculty of Business & Economics and a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from University of Thessaly in Greece. He has participated in numerous researches on the topic of entrepreneurship and in business innovation. Moreover, he has been part of the management of more than 40 national and European co funded research projects. His portfolio consists from several research studies and activities where he is part of. His main research experiences are concerned on practices and methodologies aiming to enhance digitalization and internationalization of industry, the enhancement of the Startup ecosystem and the empowerment of entrepreneurship and innovation within different target groups.

Spiros Voulgaris

He Holds a BA degree in Business Finance from the University of Thessaly and a MSc degree in Management, Technology and Quality from the University of Cyprus. The last years he has been actively involved in design and the implementation of many EU projects in the fields of entrepreneurship, social innovation, empowerment and data security as well as he has been responsible for the quality assurance planning, implementation, and assessment procedures. Working with different type of projects he has developed his skills and his experience on project management; research, innovation and knowledge management as well as consultancy services for startups, individuals and SMEs.

Panagiotis Koutoudis

He holds an MSc in Applied Economics and a graduate degree in Economic Science from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He works as a project manager and economist / business consultant with vast experience in management and in the implementation of more than 120 national and European projects. Through his experience, he has acquired a variety of both technical and soft skills such as: project management, leadership, communication, team working, problem solving, time management, financial management, etc. His portfolio consists of several researches, studies and training materials on the topic of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, digital transformation, employment, business consultancy, career consultancy, coworking spaces and apprenticeship. Moreover, he has been involved as project and innovation manager in several H2020 projects, such in topics such as the RUR-09-2017,INNOSUP-04, DT-MIGRATION-06 and others.

Maria Skoufi
Project Manager

She holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration with direction in Project Management from the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly and a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from University of Thessaly in Greece. The last years she has been involved as project manager in several projects such as H2020, COSME, and Erasmus+. Through the implementation of several projects she has developed her skills on project and financial management, communication and teamwork.

Yiannis Tsoutsas
Project Manager

Holds a Bachelor degree in primary education from the University of Ioannina and a MSc in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Nicosia. His main research interests are focusing on studies regarding new innovative educational methods, education in minorities and vulnerable groups for social inclusion and education through cultural activities for social cohesion.

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