AgroPro Drone

Agricultural Drone Technology Awareness Training for industry Professionals
Project Details
  • Topic: Vocational Education and Training
  • Programme : ERASMUS+ KA2
  • Sector : KA2 VET
  • Project ID: 2022-1-EL01-KA220-VET-000088550
  • Website:
  • Start: 30/12/2022
  • Finish: 29/12/2024
  • Total Grant:  250,000.00 €
Participating Countries: 5

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Project Description

The AgroPro project aspires to provide the agriculture professionals acquaintance with the available airborne technology & software as well as with UAV international legislation & regulations. The acquaintance with mission planning & the available open source and commercial tools, along with the understanding of aerial imaging & the creation of aerial surveying workflow will open new horizons to the beneficiaries, who will also learn about the use of drones as actuators for spraying and seeding. AgroPro consortium is going to work together to develop an e-Guide listing new career paths in agriculture thanks to drones and a Competence Framework & Competence Assessment indicators. A MOOC on the use of UAVs and associated digital tools for sustainable agriculture will also be developed. The developed training course will be applied and tested into 3 training courses in 3 different languages in the partner countries. Participants of the Training Program will understand the benefits of drone use in agriculture; get equal opportunities for drone certification from EASA, learn about the U-Space plan and new professions.

Project Results
  • WP1 – Project Management

  • WP2 – An e-Guide listing new career paths in agriculture thanks to drones.
  • WP3 – A Competence Framework and Competence Assessment indicators.
  • WP4 – A MOOC on the employment of UAVs and associated digital tools for sustainable agriculture.
  • WP5 – Dissemination & Communication
Our Role

Innovation Hive leads the WP3, activity A3.1: Developing the Competence Framework. This activity will draw reference from several different CF structures, and select the features & practical functionality of the most suitable ones. It will draw heavily from the DigComp Framework as example, which will also support long-term exploitation & sustainability of the AgroPro framework. The organisation also leads the WP3, activity A3.4 which is the translation of competence framework and assessment criteria. Moreover, Innovation Hive, with the input of all other partners leads the WP4, activity A4.1. Specifically, they will develop the guidelines, layouts and tools of the training curriculum, improving it according to any eventual cutting-edge theory/model for unmanned technology. Finally, organisation leads the WP5, activity A5.2, the project visual identity materials and dissemination channels.


At the local, regional, and national levels, the AgroPro’s methodology expects to increase awareness in local community, to promote the project through the local websites & social media, to encourage the involvement of policy makers and independent professional bodies for the address of the aforementioned issues and promote dialogue for exchange opportunities and challenges ICT sector in partnerships with NGOs, training centers and other stakeholders. The project will also look to raise awareness & reposition the views of agricultural professionals by highlighting both the professional and entrepreneurial benefits of the application of a proactive digital technology and drones approach to the agriculture industry. At European and international levels, the consortium, along with their international networks and their connections to relevant European networks of educational institutions and agriculture associations, will implement transnational dissemination of project outputs and create indirect impact at a European level.

Project Partners



🇨🇾 Future Needs Management Consulting Ltd

🇵🇹 Iscte – Instituto Universitario de Lisboa


🇵🇹 DO-JOA Lda

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