Dessi: Developing Entrepreneurship and Self-employment Skills of Immigrants
Project Details
  • Topic: Business and Social innovation, Education and Training
  • Programme : Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership
  • Priority: Adult education
  • Project ID: 2020-1-DE02-KA204-007423
  • Website: To be updated soon
  • Start: 2020-10-01
  • Finish: 2022-09-30
  • Total Grant: 165.000 €
Participating Countries: 6

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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Project Description

Through their participation in the labour market, including as entrepreneurs, migrants can add value to society in their adoptive country. However, migrants often lack knowledge of, and information about, the cultural business and regulatory environment of their host country. Furthermore, administrative and socio-cultural difficulties may hamper the potential of migrant entrepreneurs and impact on the sustainability and growth potential of the businesses they set up. As a consequence, effective and targeted business support schemes have an important role to play in supporting migrant entrepreneurs. The project DESSI is looking for both: to promote the entrepreneurship education of immigrants and to use the entrepreneurship as an important tool of integration and social inclusion for the immigrants regards so many exclusion factors that they have to suffer. The situation of immigrants has motivated this partnership to create the best tools possible to gain entrepreneurial adequate skills and competencies, based on successful real-life experiences of entrepreneurs will contribute to the shaping of unemployed immigrants into future entrepreneurs, helping them to fight the social and economic exclusion. The consortium will focus on promoting access and learning through Open Educational Resources (OER), supporting ICT-based teaching training. In the field of adult education, the partnership aims to improve and extend the offer of high quality learning opportunities tailored to individual adult learners, including through innovative ways of outreach and delivery. All of that is an essence of entrepreneurship experience journey as an important integration tool for immigrants. Project idea comes from the result of a previous collaboration of the partnership in the projects related to entrepreneurship education and training.

Project Outputs
  • IO1- DESSI Training Manual
  • IO2 -DESSI E-Learning Platform
Our Role

The Innovation Hive will be responsible for the monitoring and Evaluation workpackage. Since the social impact is our area of expertise, we will directly in charge of the measuring the impact, in the evaluation process and we will prepare the quality assurance plan and the continuous evaluation reports of intellectual outputs and the project. Support will be provided in both of the I.Os.



The project tends to foster entrepreneurial activity on the community people, as well as support new approaches to entrepreneurship education and mentoring. The project tends to highlight and improve entrepreneurship sectors; firstly by implementing educational components and practical knowledge accessible locally for entrepreneurs that willing to share their knowledge with their peers from disadvantage groups. The project builds functional and practical links across regions within the EU. The long term impact will provide the local communities with better trained and more active people with more possibilities of inclusion for adult, which would increase the possibility of development and increasing of the local markets and its competitiveness. The  local impact of the project can stimulate “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” (Europe 2020 strategy) which will benefits a wider European or global market, as also positive impact on the situation of people with fewer opportunities, facing one or more factors and obstacles of the exclusion

Project Partners

🇩🇪 Shelter International e.V.


🇳🇱 A.F.E. Projects

🇹🇷 Aydin kulturel gelisim dernegi

🇱🇹 Non-formal learning club “WE”


🇸🇪 Estety

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