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Empower Employees to Learn Digital Skills at Workplace
Project Details
  • Topic: Adult Education
  • Programme :Erasmus +
  • Sector :Vocational Education and Training
  • Project ID: To be updated
  • Website : To be updated
  • Start:1/3/2022
  • Finish: 1/3/2024
  • Total Grant: 179.227,00
digital skills
Participating Countries: 5

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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Project Description

Today, digital skills have an increasing impact on professional life and all aspects of everyday life. Unfortunately, not everyone can easily acquire these skills, so to achieve these ambitions we need to identify and create specific learning opportunities to close the gap in the use of digital technology in the workplace. The gap has grown over the last decade, as many people have jobs that do not improve their digital skills. SME management and digital skills trainers are the most important factor in closing the gap. Management by being able to recognise that their SMEs are not giving their employees the opportunities they need and awareness of how the best digital skills among their staff can positively impact their business. And trainers are important in creating tailored digital skills training that meet the needs of both employees and employers. This project will work to identify and create specific learning opportunities to close the gap in the use of digital technology in SME workplaces.

Project Results
  • PR1 – Mapping tool: will give the SME a score and an indication of challenges they need to solve
  • PR2 – Good practise: The practise will cover practical solutions for how to organise training, training content, evaluation of effect and smart ways to use employee’s digital competence

  • PR3 – Motivation for change – The Resource Center: a virtual online platform with interactive features that will not only include all the project outcomes and outputs but also allow both adult educators and SME management to interact online
Our Role

Innovation Hive will be responseble for Quality Strategy and also will be leading PR1

Project Partners

🇮🇪 Sunnan 10



🇳🇴 Prios Kompetanse AS

🇮🇹 Galileo.it S.r.l.


Project's Social

The expected impact is thus for adult educators to improve their methods for transforming findings from mapping into planning of digital skill lessons, in order to make the adult learner experience better. They will take directly part in the development of methodology package, learn mapping tools and learn how to use all develop materials. This knowledge is possible to bring back to own organisation and continue the development together with colleagues and staff. Adult educators using our tools and methodology will have access to a practical resource and new method of work, receive guidelines on the effective work with the digital skills and realise the need and value of recognition such skills

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