Research and Innovation on Cultural and Creative Industries

Our Role

Innovation Hives responsibility is the development of cultural and creative skills for CCIs in the European context of competences, qualifications and occupations, in order to develop models for identifying and addressing skills mismatches. Furthermore, CCIs will be connected with other sectors by demonstrating the transversal relevance of skills and expertise related to creative thinking.

  • Research and Analysis of the Creative Sectors in selected countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Poland, Slovenia and Spain)
  • Support in the design and the implementation of the workshops
  • Final reporting of the CCI sector in Selected countries

Service Description

The general objective of the entire project is to define and test policies and actions for sustaining and developing cultural and creative industries and to generate cross-sectoral benefits and spill-overs in the different areas and sectors creative and cultural industries interface with. Project’s scope covers four main areas: Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting.

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