Stroke rehabilitation exploiting virtual reality

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Innovation Hive’s role is to carry out the financial and administrative coordination, according to the specific requirements and conditions presented in the project proposal and the programme guidelines.

Service Description

Stroke is the second leading cause of disability, but it can be greatly restored by continued physical and brain exercise due to the neuroplasticity of the brain. Often, exoskeleton systems are used in rehabilitation in order to assist and mechanically support the patient to complete the residual movement. These systems are connected to electronic games where the patient is rewarded for each movement with visual feedback on a screen. The purpose of the proposal is to improve exoskeleton systems with virtual reality technologies such as glasses and virtual reality suits in order to increase patient’s immersion, and thus, concentration. The concentration will be quantified with methods that analyze the patient’s electroencephalography during immersion in the virtual environment, e.g. the decrease of alpha brain waves indicates more concentration to the game, in order to evaluate the system, and to provide to health specialist a feedback on the patient’s concentration level. Also, the coupling between cerebral and muscular activation will be evaluated as a qualitative measurement of the patient’s movements.

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