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Act Positive

The European migration policy remains a key priority of the European agenda, leading to a continuous development and update of relevant policies and measures in order to ensure the successful migrant integration into the host societies. According to relevant researches and reviews, the most important factors that can lead to a successful migrants integration are social inclusion, active citizenship and inclusion to education and employment. Focusing on the issue of inclusion to employment, data provided within the EUROSTAT publication “Migrant integration, 2017 edition” show that, despite a high level of education, migrants present higher rates of unemployment and over-qualification compared to those of native-born residents. According to the same publication, it is reported that migration-specific work obstacles such as language and communication challenges, lack of recognition of foreign credentials and experience and discriminations on social and religious grounds may have contributed to this situation. Therefore, the need for supporting 2nd generation migrants overcome these challenges and make their way into employment is more than obvious and imminent. To this direction, ACT POSITIVE partners, by recognizing the importance of positive psychology, aim to develop a new innovative method of training courses that will empower unemployed 2nd generation migrants to not only adapt to potentially stressful events and successfully assimilate these, but also to use these potential stressors as opportunities for positive growth based on identification and utilization of key Positive Psychology constructs and processes.


ACT POSITIVE is aiming to strengthen the European agenda for the promotion of the issue of migrants’ social inclusion through action that promote their inclusion into education and, mainly, employment. In order to achieve this, the ACT POSITIVE Toolkit for VET trainers / organizations and policy makers will be developed and accordingly promoted at a European level. Moreover, the ACT POSITIVE gamified e-learning platform is anticipated to have the role of a pan-European knowledge hub for people that are interested to upgrade and enhance their employability skills and competences and, therefore, increase their competitiveness within the labor market.

Our Role

InnoHive will be leading the following activities:

  • Development of the project’s Dissemination Plan & implementation of dissemination activities
  • Development of the State of the Art on Employability needs of 2nd generation migrants analysis report
  • Innovative training material for the development of the migrants’ employability skills based on the positive psychology approach and pilots
  • Collection of evidence from the piloting activities

Act Positive

Project Name: ACT POSITIVE: An innovative approach to enhance resilience and utilize the strengths of European 2nd generation migrants, based on the positive psychology theory.

Project ID: 2020-1-FR01-KA202-080008

Start Date: 01/09/2021

End Date: 31/08/2022











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