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what we offer

Our company offers its experience and know-how to implement activities such as:

Policy implementation evaluation

This involves the examination of the inputs, activities, cost and benefits analysis, and outputs involved in the implementation of a policy.

Research and development

Research and Development includes impact assessments, applied research, policy, and regulatory advice as well as business models development.

Innovation Consultancy strategies for startups and other companies

This process involves recognizing and conceptualizing novel business concepts, differentiating promising prospects, and effectively translating them into tangible outcomes.

Social Innovation Development

Here our expertise lies in creating and applying knowledge and skills that address the pressing societal challenges of our era. Through our methodology that integrates quantitative and qualitative empirical social research, we design and manage innovative concepts and courses to generate, disseminate, and apply the necessary knowledge and skills in various relevant topics and thematic areas.

Project Management

Project Management includes the provision of specialized approaches in the planning, coordination, and implementation of EU projects, according to the specific requirements and conditions.

Our services

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