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Keep Her Genes

It aims at keeping maternal genes in case of cytoplasmic/mitochondrial disorder, up to giving birth to phenotypic healthy children with its parent’s DNA.

Keep Her Genes

Service Description

KEEP HER GENES proposes the development and prototyping of a new and innovative embryology tool in assisted reproduction aiming at keeping maternal genes in case of cytoplasmic/mitochondrial disorder, up to giving birth to phenotypic and genotypic healthy child with its parent’s DNA. Assisted reproduction (ART) consists of the safest method to help sub- fertile couples become parents, while this treatment is highly demanded all over Europe because of high infertility rates. Recurrent failures of Invitro fertilization (IVF) are often associated with mitochondrial/cytoplasmic deficiencies and or functionality. More specifically mitochondrial dysfunction in the cytoplasm and the nucleus seems to be the main cause of poor oocyte quality and contributes to poor embryo development. The proposal aims to improve success of assisted reproduction confronting the above-mentioned problems by the development of the maternal spindle transfer technique (MST spindle transfer) to a standardized-validated treatment. MST is accomplished by transferring mother’s DNA at the phase of meiosis (spindle) into the donor’s healthy oocyte, after removal of the donor’s genetic material. MST thus, is using the mitochondria and “cytoplasmic space” of the donor oocyte to host maternal genetic material. Consequently, after IVF, the embryo will carry the mother’s genetic characteristics. One of the major problems encountered with MST represents the potential “co-transfer” of maternal mitochondrial DNA to the donor’s oocyte, a problem that the medical and scientific society have to face. According to international standards, maternal mitochondrial DNA might not exceed 5%of total DNA into the donor’s oocyte and avoid aneuploidies. The currently used methods present only low success rates. In response to this challenge, the project aims to develop KEEP- HER -GENES as a new validated treatment.

Our Role

Innovation Hive’s role is to carry out the financial and administrative coordination, according to the specific requirements and conditions presented in the project proposal and the programme guidelines.

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