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Buddy Migrants

The EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion (2021-2027) and Eurostat data from 2019 reveal that 8% of EU residents were born outside the EU (around 34 million people). In 2019, only 26.8% of non-EU born adults (25-64) had high education levels. Dropout rates among young migrants (18-24) were significantly higher at 22.9%, compared to 8.9% among natives. Additionally, the risk of poverty or social exclusion was 39% for migrants and 19.5% for natives. Schools can play a crucial role in integration, especially for children and families with a migrant background. To foster integration, it’s vital to combat segregation in schools and promote interactions between migrant and native children

Therefore, the BuddyMigrants project aims to address the barriers faced by newly-arrived third country natonal (TCN) families in the project countries in accessing the social services (access to information, health, education, employment) as well as to contribute to creating inclusive environments that foster social inclusion, equity and equality, and that are responsive to the needs of the wider communities in the project countries. Outreach to TCN families can be done through education, awareness raising, and mobilization of school communities of which they are members.


BuddyMigrants focuses on creating a meaningful impact by raising awareness among newly-arrived TCN families about European Union common values and unity in diversity. It actively encourages their participation in local democratic life while nurturing a sense of belonging to the EU. The initiative also promotes the development of essential social, intercultural, and critical thinking skills in schools and local communities, involving teachers, parents, and children. Moreover, BuddyMigrants offers formal and non-formal learning activities to engage in democratic life and social and civic engagement. Additionally, it prioritizes enhancing teachers’ key competences through cross-curricular collaboration, competence-based teaching, and innovative learning approaches. This comprehensive approach is realized through the creation of a tailor-made pedagogical toolkit, an intercultural curriculum for teachers, inclusive local family groups for social inclusion, support for local action implementation, and the establishment of a wide network of local groups to foster peer learning and strengthen community bonds.

Our Role

Innovation Hive will be participating in all work packages and dissemination activities. In addition, Innovation Hive will be the Leader of the Work Package related to communication and dissemination.

Buddy Migrants

Project Name: Buddy Migrants

Project ID: 2022-1-BE02-KA220-SCH-000086016

Start Date: 09/01/2022

End Date: 31/12/2024


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