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Flourish Centers

As digital multimedia devices increasingly pervade people’s lives and foundational elements that connect and develop a society, namely communication, culture and education, are moving their services online, elderly adults do not only find themselves digitally excluded but also socially isolated and marginalized. Intergenerational learning interventions aim to foster interaction between different generations.

Research shows that intergenerational contact and educational interventions are among the most effective interventions for reducing ageism and promoting social cohesion. Culture has often been cited as a connecting force between communities. The innovative element of FLOURISH is its use of cultural heritage interventions as the bridge for sustained interaction and learning between generations.

The FLOURISH project will encourage youth aged 18-30 to work collaboratively with disadvantaged elderly adults over the age of 65 to create and record the process of creation of a cultural heritage product. The project will encourage an environment of knowledge and skill exchange, active cultural participation and digital capacity building within a framework of cooperation and meaningful learning, which is the basic foundation for a less divided and exclusionary society.


FLOURISH aims to empower elderly adults, especially disadvantaged elderly adults, who face social exclusion due to numerous factors, one being their limited participation in digital culture. Through carefully planned intergenerational project activities adults who belong to marginalized groups will interact with young people, building relationships across generations whilst also developing their digital capacity through the interactions and activities.

In addition, their social inclusion will be supported as they will have the opportunity to cooperate and collaborate with their youth partner in order to create a cultural heritage activity. This will provide more opportunities for developing sustainable connections and interactions that will open up new channels of communications to build more sustainable socially cohesive communities. This project aspires to give voice to those who are at risk of social exclusion as well as opportunities for marginalized groups to actively participate in social life

Our Role

Innovation Hive will be participating in all project results and dissemination activities. Also, Innovation hive will lead the Project Result 3 – Living virtual experiences (LIVE) exhibition. In addition, Innovation Hive will be responsible for the development of the project’s branding concept and website.

Flourish Centers

Project Name: Design of participatory intergenerational learning for social cohesion

Project ID: 2021-1-FR01-KA220-ADU-000035344

Start Date: 01/12/2021

End Date: 30/11/2023






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