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The growing need to provide financial literacy to young women, especially young women with a double disadvantage – NEET with a migrant background – and increase their financial independence and economic success is imperative in our days. Unfortunately, there are not many initiatives in the EU to carry financial literacy education among young NEETs.

The FLY-IN project will be an attempt to develop a training programme for youth workers from financial institutions, youth centres and educational organisations working with youth, NEETs, migrants and women’s empowerment in order to train young women with a double disadvantage (NEET with a migrant background) to become financially literate.

We therefore propose a project with the following objectives:

-To develop an innovative training programme for youth workers,

-To provide them with the tools, guidance and appropriate support to deliver financial education to young NEET women with a migrant background.

-To directly train youth workers in financial literacy, who will in turn train young NEET women with a migrant background, in order to strengthen and further the future impact of these trainings.


The important aspect is the opportunity for youth workers to meet and share experiences and concerns in the area of financial literacy, enabling them to help young NEET women with a migrant background to acquire new financial skills and knowledge to use within and outside their households. In addition, the young NEET women (participating in the pilot testing programme of the financial literacy curriculum) are expected to maximise their understanding of financial issues, develop their financial literacy and communication skills through the learning materials, improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and become more confident through networking and participation in group activities.

Our Role

Innovation Hive is actively involved in all intellectual outputs of the project, participating in all educational and research aspects. It is also the responsible partner for quality and evaluation assurance of the project throughout its duration.


Project Name: Addressing Financial Literacy needs of Young NEET women towards their financial INclusion

Project ID: 2020-3-SE02-KA205-003003

Start Date: 01/02/2022

End Date: 31/01/2023


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🇲🇰 Union – National Council for Gender Equality





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