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The GROWTH project is ambitiously designed to address various facets of youth entrepreneurship, aiming to clarify its meaning, identify implementation methods, and assist young individuals in building essential entrepreneurial skills. Through the provision of comprehensive training, mentoring programs, and innovative tools such as the “GROWTH” Toolkit and an e-learning platform with a Digital Board Game, the project seeks to empower youth workers and mentors to guide young entrepreneurs effectively. By fostering an environment of mutual learning and exchange of good practices, GROWTH endeavors to cultivate sustainable innovative ideas and business plans among youth, fostering their growth, skills development, and self-concepts, ultimately nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs poised for success.


The GROWTH project is poised to catalyze a transformative shift across its participants, partners, target demographics, and regional stakeholders, as well as within the project countries themselves. By fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge, best practices, and resources, partners will not only enhance their understanding and capacity in youth entrepreneurship but also cultivate a vibrant culture around it. Through collaborative efforts, the project aims to bridge regional disparities, bolster macro-regional strategies, and promote sustainability, thereby advancing policy-making and driving tangible outcomes. Furthermore, the project’s emphasis on innovative educational materials and active youth engagement platforms promises to equip partner organizations with valuable tools and insights, empowering them to better support entrepreneurial initiatives and enriching the services they provide. Ultimately, the GROWTH project stands as a beacon of opportunity, poised to shape the future landscape of youth entrepreneurship and organizational development.

Our Role

The INNOVATION HIVE plays a pivotal role in the GROWTH project as leaders in:
-Sustainability and the execution of the Exploitation Plan and methodology
-GROWTH Handbook and Training Curricula Moreover
Moreover, takes charge of raising awareness through a targeted campaign in Greece, ensuring that the project’s objectives and outcomes resonate with key stakeholders and communities maximizing the success and impact of the GROWTH project.


Project Name: GROWTH: An Innovative Approach to Engage European Youth in Positive entrepreneurial initiatives

Project ID: 2022-2-IT03-KA220-YOU-000093446

Start Date: 06/01/2023

End Date: 31/05/2025


🇮🇹 Associazione Culturale



🇧🇪 Connect Your City – Brussels

🇮🇪 Eurospeak Limited

🇦🇹 Education and Social Innovation Centre of Austria-ESICA. Zentrum für Bildung und soziale Innovation in Österreich

🇧🇬 Balkan Bridge EOOD

🇬🇷 Innovation Bee

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