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During the COVID era, distance learning significantly impacted the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector by providing flexible and accessible education during lockdowns. It accelerated the adoption of digital tools but highlighted the need for digital skills. However, it also brought challenges, including potential disparities in access to technology and practical hands-on training, which could impact the quality of vocational education. The lasting impact may involve a hybrid approach, combining in-person and online training for a more resilient VET sector that addresses these challenges.

The HACK4SOCIETY project takes a bottom-up approach, involving VET professionals and learners in proposing e-learning modules and training techniques to enhance the e-learning experience. This is achieved through Hackathon Events and the development of Open Educational Resources (OERs). The project aims to create 15 e-learning training modules that will be made available to all VET providers across the EU, with a specific focus on smaller institutions, ultimately improving the e-learning environment and expanding educational opportunities.


  • PR1: Designing Online Hackathon Events Training Toolkit for VET Educators
  • PR2: Implementation of the Hackathon Events
  • PR3: Design and delivery of the teachers training material


The Hack4Society project is dedicated to enhancing knowledge of contemporary e-learning techniques and tools, thereby ensuring equitable access to training modules and increasing expertise. Its overarching goal is to bridge existing digital knowledge gaps, which were present prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and were exacerbated by it. Moreover, the project aspires to establish excellence in Vocational Education and Training (VET) by leading the way in the utilization of digital upskilling Open Educational Resource (OER) modules, offering guidance on e-learning, and facilitating VET professionals’ online presence through training modules. It also promotes VET through localized dissemination activities, strengthens the digital skills anticipation mechanism for VET teachers through training initiatives, provides access to novel training modules, and fosters socially engaged and proactive young generations by leveraging digital tools. Lastly, the program aims to facilitate the creation of networks among VET providers, ultimately fostering a collaborative international online learning environment.

Our Role

Innovation Hive plays a primary role as a leader on the development of the online Hackathon events training toolkit for VET educators, and the identification of recent gaps in the learning experiences in the delivery of e-learning due to COVID-19, through the development of the research methodology and process.

We are actively involved to the development of the MOOC platform, as well as the training materials, based on the ideas that will derive from the Hackathon events, aligned to the DigiComp 2.0 areas.


Project Name: Digital Hackathon for Training Events in the Service of E-learning solutions for the post COVID-19 Society

Project ID: 2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000030283

Start Date: 03/01/2021

End Date: 02/07/2024









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