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Digital sovereignty is a new concept in the digital era suggesting that parties should have sovereignty over their own digital data. On an individual level, digital sovereignty demonstrates the capacity of individuals to own their personal data and control their use. Personal data is the new crude asset for which a complex ecosystem has been established to collect, analyze and trade its value. However, the data economy along with the ongoing digital transformation rises several major concerns.
When it comes to youth workers and their activities, the aspects of digital sovereignty and data / privacy protection become
of even higher importance. Due to the nature of their work, youth workers have access and/or process data and sensitive
personal information such as medical details, emergency contact names, numbers for health administration, etc.
LINKS project will directly and actively support youth workers develop and enhance their digital sovereignty and digital
security skills and competences which servers a two-fold purpose:
1. On an individual level, youth workers will improve and enhance their knowledge and the available tools that will help them
control and evaluate the use of their and others’ personal digital data and history.
2. On a societal level and through the increased digital sovereignty of youth workers, digital data of organizations, NGOs
and of various groups that are supported by these organizations (migrants, refugees, unemployed youth, etc.) will be well
protected and ensured against misuse and/or cyber-attacks.


During the initial planning phases of this project and application, the need analysis for this output supported the fact that there is currently no single digital sovereignty and security competence framework for Europe. The Framework of Digital Security Competences will define the key components of competences needed by youth workers to effectively integrate digital sovereignty and security protocols into their localized contexts, as well as to provide and validate an EU reference framework for developing and evaluating digital security competences. Based on the key skills and competences recognised and included in the LINKS Digital Sovereignty Competences Framework, PR2 activities will focus on the development of an innovative training material aiming to enable youth workers develop the necessary competences in order to increase the level of their digital sovereignty as well be able to train other people within their work. Last, but not least, within PR3 an online game, integrated in the LINKS online platform, will be developed aiming to further
develop youth workers’ digital sovereignty skills and competences.

Our Role

Innovation Hive will be involved in all project’ results and activities such as Dissemination Plan & implementation of dissemination activities, Landscape of similar tools, Technical development of the game and integration in the platform, Implementation of the validation activities & improvements of the game. In particular, Innovation Hive will be the leader organisation of the Project Result 3: LINKS Digital Game: Conquering Digital Sovereignty.


Project Name: Development of the Digital Sovereignty Competences of Youth Workers

Project ID: 2021-2-DK01-KA220-YOU-000050308

Start Date: 01/03/2022

End Date: 01/03/2024


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