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The rapid digitalization of the past decade has profoundly impacted various aspects of life, including the workforce and education. There is an evident need for timely and accessible training to enhance digital skills, especially among educators and adult learners. The Media Education for Aware Adults project aims to address this need by equipping organizations that work with adults with the necessary tools and knowledge. Our goal is to enhance institutional readiness, resilience, and internal digital capabilities, fostering a smoother transition to digital education. This includes the development of digital pedagogy for educators, incorporating accessible technologies, and creating innovative digital educational content. Our focus is on empowering educators and adult education staff with improved skills.


The project is poised to foster the development of knowledge-based green societies and the digitalization of learning solutions while nurturing the potential of youth. Moreover, it will establish an international network connecting adult educators and trainers across Europe, enhancing their professional and personal growth. The project will also encourage more strategic and integrated use of ICT in adult education, promoting innovation and sharing best practices in media education and digital problem-solving. It will empower learners to participate in alternative learning paths, encourage creative thinking, and explore innovative digital tools, green initiatives, and more.

Our Role

Innovation Hive responsible for the development of the “Online platform and training material on MEDIA EDUCATION”. The platform will provide adult educators with an in-depth understanding of digital media and an understanding of digital literacy and key digital skills, such as content creation, online communication or the ability to ensure digital privacy. It will be a result that includes digital learning resources designed on the basis of the concept of micro-learning: short and coherent learning suggestions delivered in multimedia formats with the aim of promoting blended learning methodologies.


Project Name: Media Education for Aware Adults

Project ID: 2022-1-RO01-KA220-ADU-000085196

Start Date: 01/09/2022

End Date: 31/08/2024


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