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The mHEALTH project is launched with the main objective of increasing the competences of PWD (GDS 2-4) for adopting mHealth technologies. Aims to increase self-management and empowerment of PWD regarding their health condition, to transfer the adapted information about existing affordable mHealth technologies selected based on the general and specific acceptance criteria and how to use them, to the development of a training methodology based on “learning by doing” and “gamification” where PWD can be trained in a “friendly” environment, reducing their fears, concerns and reservations to the mHealth technologies before they can use it in the real world, to the development of a Digital Serious Game which will motivate them to be engaged with mHealth and increase their digital skills. According to that, mHEALTH-AD will get the next impacts in the population of persons with mild dementia (PWD). They will increase their self-management and empowerment and will improve their health condition, increase their digital skills and their resilience in the framework of health emergencies, like those related with the COVID-19 pandemic.


By the end of the project PWD will enhance their Quality of Life by acquiring competences related with their health self-management. In the Training Program will have an experiential and learning by doing approach that will train them in the direct use of mHealth solutions make them aware of using mHealth solutions for maintaining their wellbeing and improve the acquisition of digital skills, not only by using the mHealth solutions proposed but with the use of e-training platform as well.

Gamification training approaches and the use of Digital Serious Game will motivate them. They will be taught how to comunicate with their carers or even health professionals to support when needed. Their resilience in situations in health emergencies will be increased, by specializing the entities in the improvement of the health condition and training of PWD. Research Institutions specialized in Digital Health Literacy and Assistive Technologies, specially applied to elder persons and PWD, will access to a training that amplifies that scope towards Quality of life and self-management of health issues of PWD.

Organization specialized in education, e-learning, social inclusion, training, coaching, designing of curricula and training materials,including digital serious games will get knowledge and skills related with the collective of elder persons and PWD.

Our Role

InnoHive plays a multifaceted role within the project, contributing significantly to various aspects of the initiative. Their expertise in Digital Serious Games is leveraged to shape the methodology for Co-Creation Sessions, provide valuable insights during these sessions in Greece, and actively participate in the development of the Methodological Guide. As experts in gamificationbased training methodologies, digital serious games, and e-Training solutions, InnoHive also contributes to the creation of DETAs and actively engages in the Train the Trainer activities. They further facilitate the translation of materials into Greek and collaborate in the development of training materials optimized for online use. In addition to this, InnoHive takes on a pivotal role in coordinating the design and development of content and format, leading the Train the Trainer program, and overseeing translations and versions. They also spearhead the validation of the serious game and guide its improvement and adjustments. Moreover, InnoHive’s proficiency in mHealth solutions and their leadership in specific project tasks (PR2 and PR4) is harnessed to analyze platform requirements and design, monitor the development of the e-Training Platform, and participate in Train the Trainers actions. They play a crucial role in facilitating translations into national languages and supporting the implementation of validation actions in Germany, Spain, and Slovenia while actively contributing to defining necessary improvements and adjustments.


Project Name: Training program for enhancing the adoption of mobile health technologies by persons with mild dementia

Project ID: 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000028337

Start Date: 11/01/2021

End Date: 11/01/2023





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