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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, media and information literacy (MIL) skills are fundamental. MIL includes the ability to access, analyse, evaluate and effectively use information from a variety of sources. With the overwhelming amount of information available, distinguishing between credible and unreliable sources, especially identifying fake news or propaganda, has become increasingly difficult, especially among older people. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the educational landscape, making it necessary to adapt teaching methods to incorporate digital technologies. This change highlighted the importance of MIL Skills to promote responsible and ethical engagement with digital media. Therefore, it is vital to equip older people and adult educators with the skills to critically evaluate and analyse information. The MIL Skills project aims to address these evolving needs and challenges by promoting responsible and ethical engagement with digital media. Through comprehensive workbooks, training materials, workshops and an accompanying app, older people and adult educators will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge. This initiative aims to ensure safety in digital spaces by empowering individuals to critically analyse information and exercise ethical digital citizenship.


The MIL Skills project brings about transformative impacts on multiple levels. For seniors, this initiative offers an innovative pathway to upskill in media and information literacy, empowering them in the digital realm. Simultaneously, adult education trainers and organizations benefit from increased capacity in developing and assessing seniors’ knowledge and skills within the digital economy, thereby elevating the quality of adult learning opportunities. At an organizational level, partner institutions gain access to a wealth of resources and tools, augmenting their operational efficiency and enhancing the services offered to their target demographics. At regional and national levels, the MIL Skills project fills critical gaps in media and information skills across Europe. The project also aligns with the EU’s commitment to supporting various MIL initiatives, projects, and research aimed at promoting digital literacy and reinforcing MIL skills across diverse sectors and groups.

Our Role

Innovation Hive leads the creation of the training workbook and materials for seniors’ and adult educators’ media and information skills. Additionally, they drive the technical development of the Board Game for interactive learning. Also, as the project’s Dissemination Leader, Innovation Hive manages communication and dissemination of the various project activities. They’re also responsible for developing the project website while participating in all other projects’ Work Packages and activities.


Project Name: MIL SKILLS: Media and Information Literacy skills of adults to develop critical thinking and combat fake news

Project ID: 2023-1-LV01-KA220-ADU-000156693

Start Date: 10/01/2023

End Date: 30/09/2025


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🇬🇷 Innovation Hive

🇧🇬 Balkan Bridge EOOD

🇬🇷 Stimmuli for Social Change

🇮🇹 Exeo Lab Srl

🇫🇷 Syncnify

🇪🇸 Gabinete de Recolocacion Industrial

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