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The project RE.MIND will help students to gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to recognize entrepreneurship as a “process” rather than an “end point”. It aims therefore at defining a solution to develop a conceptual shift from thinking entrepreneurship as “how to run a business” to “how to develop a broad set of competencies” applicable in all areas of life.

The project has the ambition to transfer this new concept of entrepreneurship into school curricula, supporting teachers and educators in applying appropriate methods to identify, analyse and develop entrepreneurial skills in VET students. The project is focused on getting the right combination of theoretical and practical components and removing the barriers between the worlds of business and education.

Overall, project results aim to have a wider impact outside the boundaries of the project as these will provide with relevant outputs to be used by VET providers, educational institutions, policy makers and public authorities for the inclusion of non-formal education and creative learning as part of school curriculum and education policies at local, regional, national and EU level.


The lockdown has put a strain on all the member states of the European Union and so does on our partnership. For this reason which we are convinced that investing in the creation of a programme that develops an entrepreneurial mindset and in digital tool will bring benefits at different levels and to our targets.

By involving students in non-formal education activities, they are expected to develop a deeper understanding of transversal skills and further acquire the “Entrepreneurial mindset” by allowing them to grow as responsible citizens and to be competitive on the job market. Thanks to the support provided by the digital technologies, students will be challenged to express their creative potential and ability to interact, communicate and emphasise in the context of both real and virtual scenarios.

Our Role

Innovation Hive is responsible for the PR1: Entrepreneurial skills Model for SMEs in social economy. Our organization will have an active role in all project’s activities and will contribute in all project’s intellectual outputs. Furthermore, Innovation Hive will develop the project’s website.


Project Name: R.E.Mind: Reinforce Entrepreneurial Mindset in Social Economy

Project ID: 2021-1-NO01-KA220-VET-000033203

Start Date: 01/11/2021

End Date: 01/04/2024


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