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Take pART!

The Take pART! project is dedicated to fostering active citizenship and cultivating the spirit of initiative among young people in the realm of gender equality. It accomplishes this through the integration of art, psychology, and activism practices in non-formal education. The project aims to empower vulnerable women by designing and testing Art Therapy techniques while equipping youth workers and EU organizations with the competences to combine Art Therapy and Artivism from a gender perspective. By exploring Artivism techniques, the project encourages youth to participate actively in gender equality policies, promoting sensitive communication and positive portrayals of equality. These objectives align with the overarching priorities, fostering youth initiative, inclusion of vulnerable groups, and improving the quality of youth work. The anticipated outcomes include the acquisition of new methodologies by youth workers and organizations, the empowerment of vulnerable women, and increased youth engagement in transformative social actions that promote gender equality.

To fulfill these objectives, Take pART! will produce several key deliverables, including “The Booklet: Gender and Art Therapy” and “The Booklet: how to develop gender-sensitive artivistic performances” (both online and offline). Additionally, they will create “Take pART! The Digital Map” and launch the “Take pART! the campaign.” These resources and initiatives will play a crucial role in achieving the project’s mission of empowering youth and promoting gender equality through art, therapy, and activism practices in non-formal education.


The expected impact of the porjects is:
– Youth workers and organizations have acquired new methodologies and educational tools to work on Art Therapy for the
inclusion of vulnerable women
– Vulnerable women are empowered on gender equality
– Youth workers and organizations have acquired new methodologies and educational tools to work on Artivism and gender
equality for the participation of youth
– Youth are empowered on gender equality and communication
– Youth are engaged in transformative social actions to give voice to gender equality

Our Role

Innovation Hive
•Leads the realization of the Digital Map
•Takes part to the peer-to-peer trainings
•Implements the workshops with women and youth in Greece
•Contributes to the realization of the different deliverables
•Implements the online campaign
•Implements the offline campaign with performances in Greece
•Organize the multiplier event in Greece

Take pART!

Project Name: Take pART!

Project ID: KA220-YOU-BC566273

Start Date: 01/01/2023

End Date: 01/07/2025




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