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Take pART!

Take pART! is an initiative that combines the concepts of art, psychotherapy, and activism to give vulnerable women and
youth a voice to shine a light on social issues with a gender sensitive approach. Art Therapy and Artivism have been chosen
as the means towards active citizenship and inclusion because they bring therapeutic and communicative benefits, helping
the freedom of expression towards world. Studies suggest art therapy
can be very valuable in treating, and it is a great way to express emotions without words, process complex feelings and find
relief. The result is a dialogue between target and professionals. Then, the Artivism part allows to transform findings into
messages to the outside and to create scenarios that advance transformative social actions.
The project should be funded because it has been built according to the Youth Participation Tooklit, promoting participation
for all. Moreover, it:
-supports the development of an innovative educational process
-engages youth making them face with real situations and own new creative/communicative techniques that can also be
used without the support of experts
-gives voice to vulnerable women, in line with the EU Youth Strategy that recognises the relevance of youth work to mitigate
the effects of social exclusion amongst youth
-responds to the needs of the organizations and youth workers to work with youth in a more integrated way


The expected impact of the porjects is:
– Youth workers and organizations have acquired new methodologies and educational tools to work on Art Therapy for the
inclusion of vulnerable women
– Vulnerable women are empowered on gender equality
– Youth workers and organizations have acquired new methodologies and educational tools to work on Artivism and gender
equality for the participation of youth
– Youth are empowered on gender equality and communication
– Youth are engaged in transformative social actions to give voice to gender equality

Our Role

Innovation Hive
•Leads the realization of the Digital Map
•Takes part to the peer-to-peer trainings
•Implements the workshops with women and youth in Greece
•Contributes to the realization of the different deliverables
•Implements the online campaign
•Implements the offline campaign with performances in Greece
•Organize the multiplier event in Greece

Take pART!

Project Name: Take pART!

Project ID: KA220-YOU-BC566273

Start Date: 01/01/2023

End Date: 01/07/2025




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