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The primary objective of this project is to establish and popularize a comprehensive online learning platform tailored to serve individuals of all ages and backgrounds. This platform will offer a wide array of courses specifically designed to enhance digital skills. However, the project extends beyond mere skill development. It includes a vital component focused on providing psychological support and expert guidance to the members of the target group. This additional dimension aims to inspire and encourage their continuous personal and professional growth, fostering a seamless integration into the labor market. In tandem with the course offerings, participants will have access to valuable professional mentorship, nurturing their motivation to pursue further educational and developmental opportunities.


The TrainyFly project is dedicated to fostering inclusive learning opportunities for all, regardless of age or background. Through the creation of an online learning platform, the project aims to offer a wide range of courses designed to enhance digital skills. These courses are not only intended to boost technical capabilities but also provide valuable psychological support and professional guidance, empowering learners to advance in their careers and integrate more effectively into the job market. By promoting access to digital learning and offering support, TrainyFly is committed to making education more inclusive and accessible for all, ensuring that participants can build brighter futures.

Our Role

Innovation Hive has the essential knowledge and resources to adeptly create the necessary educational materials that concentrate on introducing innovative teaching methods as a component of the TrainyFly project’s Digital Program Toolkit. Our wide-ranging competencies guarantee a thorough and illuminating exploration of inventive approaches in education, thereby elevating the project’s achievements and amplifying its broader influence on the realm of learning.


Project Name: Flying Digital - Training, Employment, Development

Project ID: 2022-1-LV01-KA210-ADU-000084264

Start Date: 01/09/2022

End Date: 01/09/2024


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🇨🇾 Cross Culture International Foundation Cyprus


🇫🇮 Pirkanmaan muotoilu- ja taideteollisuusyhdistys Modus ry

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