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This project aims to enhance the capacity to offer learning opportunities for entrepreneurial skills to organizations working with young people in rural areas, particularly in the Mediterranean region. The primary goal is to improve the entrepreneurial skills of rural youth, enabling them to establish sustainable businesses that are not solely reliant on tourism. By addressing key thematic areas like digital and entrepreneurial skills, inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, raising awareness about European programs, and aligning with the European Green Deal, this project intends to combat the depopulation crisis faced by rural areas.

Europe is witnessing a significant population decline in rural areas, with young people increasingly migrating to urban centers in search of employment opportunities beyond agriculture. This project acknowledges the urgent need to address this issue by promoting entrepreneurship among rural youth. It builds upon the EntreComp framework, local and national initiatives of project partners, and past European projects to equip rural youth with the necessary skills and support to establish successful businesses. The goal is not only to combat depopulation but also to rejuvenate rural communities by attracting younger populations. Through mentoring, training, and advocacy, this project seeks to make a meaningful impact on rural development in the Mediterranean region.


The project’s impact spans short, medium, and long-term horizons, with its success intertwined with effective exploitation activities outlined in WP5’s sustainability plan. In the immediate term, the project focuses on concrete outcomes, such as training 12 youth workers in EntreComp Framework application, equipping 60 young individuals with entrepreneurial competences, supporting 18 budding entrepreneurs financially and through mentoring, and catalyzing at least 18 new rural businesses. As we progress into the medium term, the objectives shift towards sustaining at least 50% of the created businesses, integrating entrepreneurial training into partner organizations and local entities, and fostering ongoing entrepreneurship through project materials. In the long term, the project aspires to stabilize rural youth populations and contribute to the economic development of participating areas. Crucially, all results will remain openly accessible under a Creative Commons license, actively championed, and disseminated by project partners.

Our Role

Innovation Hive, as the project coordinator, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth execution of all work packages. This overarching responsibility involves not only overseeing the entire project’s management and coordination but also actively participating in each aspect, irrespective of our lead position in two specific work packages. Our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards is unwavering, permeating every facet of the project’s execution.

This multifaceted engagement is especially evident in our leadership of Work Package 1, focused on project management and coordination. We establish and manage the Project Steering Committee, which comprises representatives from all partner organizations, fostering collaborative decision-making, resolving financial issues, and ensuring the project’s overall success. Our active involvement in financial management and quality assurance underscores our dedication to the project’s comprehensive success.

Another significant role we undertake is in Work Package 2, where we, in collaboration with FHIRD, drive the development of a Youth Rural Entrepreneurship Guide. By identifying rural youth-led enterprises, assessing their challenges, and gathering data for tailored training programs, we contribute to empowering young entrepreneurs in rural areas. Our role as task leaders in various activities within this work package demonstrates our commitment to achieving the project’s objectives effectively.


Project Name: Youth Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas in Mediterranean countries

Project ID: 101093212

Start Date: 01/01/2023

End Date: 31/12/2024









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