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The YESDGs project empowers young people from diverse backgrounds to engage actively with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate change. Through transnational networking and learning, the project enhances their understanding of the SDGs, climate policy, and research. The primary goal is to foster proactive citizenship, raising awareness among young Europeans and enabling them to discuss strategies for achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This initiative stimulates civic participation, social innovation, and sustainable growth in rural areas while equipping young individuals with tools to amplify their voices in climate discussions. Furthermore, YESDGs promotes engagement among young people from diverse backgrounds, encouraging intercultural dialogue and diversity recognition. It aims to increase awareness of the tools developed, actively involving young people in the decision-making process and nurturing active citizenship and climate entrepreneurship. This initiative empowers young people to proactively address climate change through concrete actions while contributing to local, national, and international efforts for a sustainable future.


The YESDGs project aims to engage young people in discussions about sustainability and climate change, enhancing their awareness and empowering them to exchange perspectives across Europe. Through creativity and innovation-focused training activities, youth from rural areas will collaborate across borders. The project’s objectives include strengthening the capacity of youth workers to support inclusion, integration, employability, and diversity. The expected impacts encompass increased community knowledge in sustainable development, the creation of training materials benefiting youth and youth workers, inspiration for positive changes in youth education at the European level, transferable methods, enhanced social inclusion, and the reputation of organizations as centers of excellence in youth integration. Partners will gain access to tailored educational resources in environmental education, sustainable development, and advocacy. These resources can be integrated into training offerings and disseminated within partner networks at local and European levels, ensuring widespread adoption of project outcomes.

Our Role

Ιnnovation Hive takes the lead in Work Package 3 of the project, driving several essential components. Firstly, we are tasked with developing three training modules to empower young people with a deep understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate change policies, translating them into partner languages. These modules aim to foster active citizenship, especially within youth groups. Additionally, Innovation Hive is creating an e-learning platform for collaborative digital work, facilitating the dissemination of training materials. We will also oversee a vital piloting phase involving youth workers and young people in partner countries. Lastly, our role extends to developing and managing a comprehensive Quality Assurance plan, ensuring project adherence to critical performance indicators such as deadlines, budget management, and result quality. These contributions are integral to the project’s overall success.


Project Name: YesDGS

Project ID: 2023-1-IE01-KA220-YOU-000158256

Start Date: 10/01/2023

End Date: 30/09/2025





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