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Youth Empowerment

The proposal promotes a deep holistic approach for fostering youth empowerment and employability by bridging non-formal, formal education and labor market sectors, contributing to the creation of long term multilevel networking and cooperation in the field of WBL. Such follow up initiative is meant to upgrade the already achieved results and to further stimulate quality and excellence within the education, training and youth systems across Europe in the future. The project objectives, defined for driving those positive solutions, are described as follows:

  • To provide youth organizations with further guidance for bridging sectors, in view of operating sustainable strategies that promote WBL paths as complementary educational patterns for boosting youth empowerment
  • To foster the effective use of EU funding instruments, support the implementation of initiatives and dissemination of relevant EU tools in the field of education, training and youth systems • To strengthen cooperation among youth NGOs and WBL providers, by engaging them in mutual learning and peer counselling, aimed at raising the quality and attractiveness of WBL provision
  • To reach-out and involve new WBL providers that do not yet contribute or benefit from European cooperation
  • To launch the development of a multilevel networking system that concretely stimulates learning through other than formal educational means and especially through direct involvement in practical assignments
  • To support the development of internationalisation strategies at institutional level that increase cooperative work in this direction


  • Provision of practical guide, related to the effective use of EU funding instruments for the support of WBL by social actors and youth NGOs, delivering relevant solutions on how to foster youth empowerment, professional, career orientation and employability through application of apprenticeship schemes
  • Development of WBL Community – Network for international collaboration, that sets up a space for creation of new work based learning offers and their increased accessibility for young people, as well reinforces synergies between formal, non-formal educational sectors and the labour market
  • Enhanced provision of WBL opportunities across Europe, since the network will serve the purpose to sustain the project outcomes and impact through new collaborations in this field
  • 24 youth workers and educational experts from 8 countries will be trained and acquire concrete competences for reinforcing synergies and bridging sectors, so as to create effective WBL strategies for empowering youth in various EU communities
  • Approximately 4000 people across EU will be informed about the project outcomes, taking part directly or indirectly in the project activities, including local events, campaigning actions, direct contact with stakeholders and target groups, etc.
  • Examples of quality expertise, best practices and proven techniques for bridging sectors will be exchanged between partners, providing support and ensuring a standardized approach for implementation of WBL schemes across Europe. Further recommendations for fostering youth empowerment through WBL will be set up based on the work done

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Youth Empowerment

Project Name: Work Based learning – Pathway to youth empowerment

Project ID: 2020-2-BG01-KA205-079436

Start Date: 01/10/2020

End Date: 30/09/2022


🇧🇬 Horizont Proconsult Ltd


🇪🇸 Asociacion Mundus

🇦🇹 Wissenschafts initiative Niederösterreich



🇵🇱 Regional Volunteer Center

🇮🇹 Mine Vaganti NGO

🇷🇴 D.G.T. Association

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