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Innovation Hive and EPAPSY: A collaboration that aims to strength Social Inclusion and Mental Health Support

EPAPSY (Society for Regional Development and Mental Health) is an important organization in Greece that deals with mental health and social reintegration. It was founded in 1988 and since then it has been providing essential support and care to people with mental disorders. EPAPSY operates various programs and centers, such as Day Centers, hostels and sheltered apartments, where beneficiaries receive daily care, support and education to improve their quality of life and gain autonomy.

The main objective of EPAPSY is to help people with mental disorders to reintegrate into society, promoting mental health and well-being. EPAPSY collaborates with various institutions and organizations to provide comprehensive support and strengthen the mental health network in Greece. Their services include psychological support, education, vocational training and social inclusion programmes.

Having Innovation Hive partnering with EPAPSY is now an opportunity to combine our strengths and bring real change to people’s lives. Innovation Hive, with its expertise in innovation and social inclusion, can strengthen EPAPSY’s efforts. Together, we can create opportunities for people with mental disorders by offering them access to modern education and training programs, as well as innovative technologies to help them in their daily lives.

Our partnership aims to promote social inclusion and ensure that people with mental disorders have equal opportunities and access to resources to help them integrate into society. By working together, we can create a supportive environment where each person feels safe, accepted and encouraged to achieve their goals.

We believe that our partnership with EPAPSY will open new paths for mental health support in Greece. By using our technology and innovative methods, we can enhance EPAPSY’s services and provide even more effective support to beneficiaries. We are excited to be able to contribute to this effort and look forward to seeing the positive results of our collaboration.

Overall, Innovation Hive’s partnership with EPAPSY aims to improve the lives of people with mental disorders and promote social inclusion. With our combined strength, we can make a difference and offer hope and support to those who need it.


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