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Successful Completion of PLOUTOS WP2: Empowering TCNs with Business Language and Financial Literacy Skills

WP2 of the AMIF project PLOUTOS, led by Innovation Hive, focused on equipping Third Country Nationals (TCNs) with essential business language and financial literacy skills to significantly improve their social inclusion and integration into the EU labour market.

TCNs often face challenges in communicating and understanding financial concepts, which are crucial for their integration into the host country’s economic life. WP2 aimed to address these challenges by developing and implementing comprehensive curricula tailored to the specific needs of TCNs.

The initial phase of WP2 involved a thorough literature review and field research in six target countries. These efforts led to the creation of two dual-nature curricula designed to meet the specific needs of TCNs.

  1. Business Language Curriculum: This curriculum focused on improving TCNs’ business and financial vocabulary and preparing TCNs for potential integration into the host country’s business community. It focused on practical tasks such as writing business emails, preparing for job interviews and writing CVs.
  2. Financial Literacy Curriculum: This curriculum provided learners with a basic understanding of financial literacy principles and equipped TCNs with the skills needed to understand financial concepts, recognise financial risks and opportunities, and make informed financial decisions.

These curricula were pilot-tested with over 250 TCNs across the EU, with sessions offered in both physical and online formats. Language teachers, employed by the project and supporting the overall delivery of the courses, translated the materials into the national languages of the partners to ensure effective and professional course delivery.

The Business Language Course, which ran from October 2023 to January 2024, lasted between 36 and 52 hours, including time for home study. Certificates were awarded to those who successfully completed the course, with approximately 142 TCNs completing the course in the six target countries.

The Financial Literacy Course, which ran from March 2023 to July 2023, spanned 24 to 50 hours, including home-based study hours. Participants engaged in interactive sessions, role-plays and group exercises. Certificates were awarded to successful graduates, with approximately 150 TCNs completing the course in the six target countries.

The successful completion of WP2 is an important milestone in our efforts to better support TCNs in their professional and personal development. The curricula for both courses will soon be available on our project website in several languages, including English, Swedish, Greek, Bulgarian, Croatian, Italian and French. This initiative not only addresses the immediate needs of TCNs, but also provides a sustainable model for ongoing training and development. Stay tuned for further updates:

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