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2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Larissa, Greece

On the 15th of November, the 2nd TPM of the FinanciaLit4Women project took place in Larissa, Greece. The aim of the meeting was to present the current status of the project and discuss the next steps of the implementation process. The main topics discussed during the meeting were considering:

IO1 – Combined Financial Literacy curriculum with handbook: The draft version of the curriculum with handbook is completed. At the end of January 2022 the partners are going to finalize the document and the following months will proceed to its translation in their national languages. 

IO2 – Financial Literacy Digital Game: Regarding the process of the IO2, a prototype version of Digital Game has already been uploaded. The next step is the creation of the scenarios which will be related to each module that each partner was responsible to develop on the IO1 and the uploading of them on the content of the Game.

IO3 – Role-play games Handbook to teach Financial Literacy: The IO relies on the creation of no digital games which will simulate real life situations and be connected with the topics that are defined on the IO1. On the first months of 2022 the partners will have developed a Handbook with 20 role-playing games.

IO4 – Board game to teach money management: On this topic the partners discussed about the 3D designing of the board game and its characteristics. 

Project management and Dissemination of the project: On this topic, the partners discussed about financial issues, required financial documents, progress of financial report and present activities related to the dissemination of the project.The future step in the implementation of the project is the organization of the C1: Staff Training Activity. The training with 3 days duration will take place in Nice, France on 14th – 18th of March.

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