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BoostDigiCulture: A Sustainable Framework for Improving the Digital Upskilling of Adult Cultural Professionals

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and it is imperative that workers across all industries develop the necessary digital skills to keep up with the pace of technological change. The cultural sector is no exception, and in order to remain competitive, adult cultural professionals must also enhance their digital skills. BoostDigiCulture is a project aimed at improving the digital upskilling of adult cultural professionals. The completion of Project Result 4 (PR4), a self-assessment tool, is a significant milestone in this project.

The self-assessment tool, developed by Synthesis Organization with the contribution of the project partners, draws on the principles of the DigComp at Work Implementation Guide (2020). It is a valuable resource that allows adult cultural workers to assess their current digital skills and identify areas where they need to improve. The tool is accessible through the e-learning platform (PR1), and after completing the self-assessment, workers are guided to the appropriate level of the microlearning programme (PR3) according to their results. The BoostDigiCulture Professional Digital competence Profile (PDP) was completed before the development of the self-assessment tool. The PDP defines the key digital competencies required by adult cultural professionals to thrive in today’s digital world. The self-assessment tool builds on the PDP by providing a way for workers to evaluate their own competencies against these standards. The self-assessment tool is not just useful for identifying areas of weakness; it is also used as a form of evaluation upon completion of the microlearning programme courses. This means that workers can see the progress they have made and identify areas that still need improvement. The tool provides a way for workers to track their own development and take ownership of their learning.

At the same time, its development is a crucial step in the BoostDigiCulture project as it provides adult cultural professionals with a way to assess their digital competencies and identify areas for improvement. The tool is user-friendly, and its integration with the e-learning platform makes it easily accessible to all workers. The tool’s use as a form of evaluation after completing microlearning courses is a valuable addition that allows workers to track their progress and take ownership of their learning.

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