Helping Migrants Navigate in a New Environment

In recent years, immigration within European borders has increased. There was a time, more specifically the years 2015-2016, when immigration numbers reached a peak. This phenomenon has subsided significantly, but there is still a wave of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers arriving every day.The Navi-Mig project is a European Union-funded Erasmus Plus project that helps […]

Entrepreneurship in The Future

There is growing awareness among European Union policy makers regarding the economic and social repercussions linked with the challenges encountered by young entrepreneurs throughout the European Union, such as youth unemployment. Promoting youth entrepreneurship and making Europe more entrepreneurial have become priorities on the EU policy agenda in recent years due to the enormous potential […]

Activating Youth

Current circumstances (pandemic, climate) are challenging and have changed the priorities of societies, welfare systems, and economies. It is given nowadays that young people choose not to participate in worldwide or national questions, and that fact characterizes them as unresponsive, while society needs youth initiatives. When compared to the previous generation, youth is considered to […]


During the development of the 3rd activity of the 1st intellectual output, a literature review and field research activities were conducted. Based on the positive psychology theoretical paper, the ACT POSITIVE partners could proceed on the development of the Training Curriculum for enhancing the employability of 2nd generation migrants. The Training Curriculum could facilitate learners […]

FLOURISH CENTERS: Design of Participatory Intergenerational Learning for Social Cohesion

In December 2021, the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Flourish Centers: Design of Participatory Intergenerational Learning for Social Cohesion” was launched with the aim of its innovative elements being used as the bridge for sustained interaction and learning between generations by cultural heritage interventions.  As the COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted the everyday lives of millions of […]

BoostDigiCulture: A Sustainable Framework for Improving the Digital Upskilling of Adult Cultural Professionals

Along with the tourism sector, cultural and creative sectors are among the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has had its toll with major disruptions in visitation, being the hardest hit by social distancing measures, described as a culture shock; this resulted in an undeniable financial impact on the running of small and […]

ARTWIN: Art Welcomes Inclusion through Innovative Technologies

In the following months the project Erasmus+ KA2 “ARTWIN: Art Welcomes Inclusion through Innovative Technologies” will be launched. The project aims to provide new digital and accessibility skills (artificial intelligence, algorithms, immersive technologies, 3D printing, vocal search/vocal systems, augmented and Virtual Reality, multisensory and tactile paths, development of individual skills to understand the world of […]

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