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Culture Talks: A Cultural Encounter Exploring the Relationship Between Art, Technology, and Accessibility!

The highly anticipated event, Culture Talks, organized by Innovation Hive, unfolded at the Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa on November 21. The focal point of Culture Talks was the intersection of Art, Culture, and Innovation, with a specific emphasis on acknowledging both the enduring value of tradition and the impact of technological progress. The main objective was to foster cultural understanding at both the local and European levels.

Throughout the event, critical issues were explored, including the role of Digitization in Culture, the Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage, and the concept of Inclusion through Art. Ms. Fani Kalokairinou, the Director of the Folklore Historical Museum of Larissa, and Chrysi Triantafyllou delved into the topic of intangible cultural heritage, offering examples while underscoring the imminent threats to its preservation. Subsequently, Ms. Vasiliki Kartsakli, Archaeologist and Guide, and Ms. Maria Botikopoulou elucidated matters pertaining to the digitization of culture, emphasizing the significant role of technology in conserving and disseminating cultural wealth.

The event culminated in a thematic exploration of Inclusion in Art, positioning art as a platform for multicultural expression with diversity at its core. Mr. Neoklis Mantas, a Ph.D. holder from the University of Thessaly, Cultural Strategist, and Head of Cultural Development 2023 for ELEFSIS, the Cultural Capital of Europe, along with Ms. Anna Maria Karantali, provided insights. The key takeaway was the realization that access to culture entails the creation of a socially equitable and culturally enriched environment for all.These innovative perspectives were presented through the launch of Culture Lab, a cutting-edge online platform developed by Innovation Hive. This platform is shaping and disseminating ideas, with the overarching goal of enhancing culture on multiple levels. The Culture Lab initiative aligns with Innovation Hive’s mission, focusing on the preservation of cultural heritage and providing educational tools to cultivate the skills of cultural professionals and beyond.

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