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Digital Sovereignty Competences for VET teachers and trainers

The development of digital sovereignty competences among Vocational Education and Training (VET) teachers and trainers is crucial in today’s increasingly digital world. With the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing reliance on digital tools in both education and industry, it is essential that VET professionals are able to effectively utilize and understand these tools in order to effectively teach and train their students.

Digital sovereignty refers to the ability to use and understand digital tools and technologies in a way that empowers individuals and communities, rather than simply relying on external entities to provide these resources. This includes the ability to use digital tools to communicate, access information, and collaborate, as well as understanding how to protect one’s own privacy and data online. VET teachers and trainers play a crucial role in imparting these digital skills to their students, who will likely be entering a workforce that is heavily reliant on technology. Therefore, it is essential that VET professionals themselves are proficient in the use of digital tools and have a strong understanding of digital literacy and citizenship.

Aligned to the aforementioned, the DISCVET project has designed and completed the educational material of the project’s second deliverable, which is the E-Learning Platform. Innovation Hive is the leading partner of DiSCVET online platform and training material on Digital Sovereignty Competences’’ activities, with all project partners having a direct role in development, pilot and evaluation of the training material. Innovation Hive also has an active role in all project’s activities and will contribute to all project’s results. In addition to these professional development opportunities, VET teachers and trainers will be able to seek out resources and support that promote digital literacy and sovereignty.

Ultimately, the development of digital sovereignty competences among VET teachers and trainers is essential for ensuring that students are prepared to succeed in a digitally-focused workforce. By investing in the digital literacy of their teachers and trainers, VET institutions can help to create a more technologically-literate and digitally-sovereign society overall.

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