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Our last intellectual output, IO3 is the most crucial one as the developed FinLit e-course offers young people free and individual identification of their financial literacy levels, possibility to gain new knowledge and use it in their real-life situations as well as track their progress via provided tasks, activities, and relevant templates to improve their financial stability and independence.

The Finlit e-course content was developed after the inputs of the Intellectual output 1, regarding the analysis results of the national desk and field research. Within IO1, partners were aiming to identify the current educational offer, good practices, and legal framework in the fields of financial literacy, linked to youth. Moreover, a competencies questionnaire was distributed among the FinLit main target group, young people between 18 and 24 years old, in order to receive an insight into their actual knowledge levels and interests on financial literacy.

Taking into consideration the gaps detected within the Intellectual output 1, the five key chapters for the e-course were proposed and developed by project partner organizations:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Financial Literacy
  • Chapter 2: Personal Finance Management
  • Chapter 3: Creating Savings 
  • Chapter 4: Loans & Debts
  • Chapter 5: Investments

Each chapter is covering the essential information, offering advice via personalized approach and tasks for individual work, offering young e-course attendants a chance of a structured and guided improvement in the fields of financial literacy. FinLit e-course will be available in English, Greek, Polish and Slovenian language on the FinLit e-platform from the May 2022 on

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