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Fostering a Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship: ASUE’s Partnership with Innovation Hive and the Innovative Knowledge Hub

The Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE) stands as a prominent institution, accredited at both the state and institutional level, offering comprehensive educational programs in Economics, Management, and Statistics. As the landscape of education evolves, ASUE has embraced a forward-thinking approach, integrating innovation and entrepreneurship into its initiatives. Notably, the university has partnered with Innovation Hive at the ‘Innovative Knowledge Hub,’ which has become a vital component of ASUE’s mission to foster a culture of innovation and social entrepreneurship. 

The involvement of Innovation Hive in the Innovative Knowledge Hub has been instrumental in creating an environment that nurtures innovation and provides a platform for social entrepreneurship. Leveraging its experience and knowledge, Innovation Hive offers valuable insights, guidance, and resources to ASUE students. The organization’s contribution encompasses mentorship programs, workshops, and seminars that facilitate learning and skills development in the field of entrepreneurship.

By collaborating with Innovation Hive, ASUE is able to expose its students to a broader entrepreneurial ecosystem, connecting them with experienced professionals, industry experts, and like-minded individuals. This exposure enables students to expand their networks, gain practical insights, and learn from real-world experiences. Furthermore, the partnership with Innovation Hive allows ASUE to tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship, ensuring that students receive the most relevant and up-to-date insights in the field. The support provided by Innovation Hive through the Innovative Knowledge Hub enhances the university’s commitment to fostering innovation and social entrepreneurship among its students. The organization’s involvement helps to create a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem where students can explore their aspirations, develop valuable skills, and gain the confidence needed to bring their ideas to life. 

The program will also provide appropriate co-working space and facilities for youth capacity building and will develop students’ business thinking by promoting social entrepreneurship among youth using formal, non-formal and informal methods of learning. Special thanks to the branch director Mr.Karen Petrosyan and the Head of Foreign Relations Department Mrs Arpine Sargsyan.



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