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Green Deal goals and Youth business activities!

In 2019, European Commission launched the action plan that aims to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy, restore biodiversity, and cut pollution. Through the action plan, EU has the aim to make the economy more sustainable and be ready on 2050, the year in which there are no net emissions of greenhouse gases. Innovation Hive and four more European organizations are implementing the GD HIVE project that aims to boost youth and youth workers with competences and skills on Green Economy and Green Deal.

The GD HIVE project

Youth business activities in terms of circular economy to achieve Green Deal goals- GD HIVE project has as main goal to empower youth with new knowledge, competences and circular economy skills which focused on youth business activities. The consortium of the project consists of five organizations from Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania and Greece.Youth, youth workers and stakeholders will have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, improve their skills and understand better the meaning of Green Economy, Circular Economy, business and innovation.

For this purpose, partners will develop the following outputs:

• Definition of competencies about green deal and circular economy by youth.
• GD Hive e-platform: Innovation Hive is the responsible partner who will develop the platform. The aim of this output to involve youth in distance learning in Green Deal, and Circular Economy training.
• E-module that boosting Circular Economy in a framework of Green Deal.

The kick off meeting of the project was held online on February, with the participation of all organizations. During the first meeting, partners presented their organizations and discussed the project objectives.
At this moment, partners are organizing online meetings in order to define the action plan of the first outcome and the methodology that they will follow with the aim to identifying the level of knowledge and competencies among youth in relation to Green Deal and Circular Economy.

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