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As it was described in previous article, FinLit is a European project which aims to a quicker Financial Independence. The second Intellectual output IO2 is the E-learning platform. The aim of the IO2 is to involve young people through distance learning in financial literacy training. Many young people want to attend training but for various reasons they cannot physically participate. The FinLit platform will provide access to knowledge for these individuals. The platform will include training materials (e-course) and tools.

The main objectives of the E-learning platform are to develop, integrate and upgrade the platform in MS Teams for effective use in the FinLit project and also to integrate the e-course into the platform. In addition, to prepare an e-knowledge base that will facilitate learning for students and those who will train them, as it will include instructions for work and learning. Furthermore, another objective is to be considered innovative approaches that will encourage student engagement. Finally, all the e-courses will be adapted to all partner languages (Polish, Slovenian, Greek). The expected impact of the development of the e-learning platform is the growth of innovative learning and teaching practices in the field of youth education and training and the widespread use of digital technologies for other forms of learning or training. In addition, is expected to be increased the competencies of individuals improving ICT skills and gaining new knowledge on financial literacy.  The platform will serve as a source of knowledge for the students, lecturers and organizations involved.

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