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Mapping Good Practices: Empowering Rural Youth for Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship with the YERAME Project

Rural areas across the continent are grappling with a profound demographic shift, as urban life draws young people away from their roots in search of broader horizons and employment prospects. This pressing issue commands our immediate attention, and a beacon of hope emerges in the form of the YERAME project poised to rejuvenate these landscapes. Being inspired from the EntreComp framework, this initiative has one central mission: to empower rural youth with the skills and support needed to establish thriving businesses.

Under this context the”Mapping Good Practices” isn’t just a compilation of success stories; it symbolizes a unified mission. Guided by a shared vision, the partnership joined forces to advance economic growth, promote social inclusion, safeguard the environment, and celebrate cultural heritage. Their approach to discovering these processes begins with an extensive exploration of rural employment across their partner countries and a comprehensive examination of rural entrepreneurship.

The research teams delved into the heart of rural regions having engaging in insightful conversations with the individuals who transformed their aspirations into realities. These interviews provided valuable insights, experiences, and success stories that illuminate the path for aspiring rural entrepreneurs. The partnership also harnessed the knowledge of local entrepreneurs and delved into academic research, government reports, and expert reviews, meticulously sifting through data, identifying trends, and showcasing examples that champion sustainable development.

The attempt is not only about showcasing success stories, it is also about constructing a framework for supporting rural entrepreneurship. Through collaborative efforts, the partnership aims to discern what proves effective across diverse countries and contexts. This knowledge will serve as a design for supporting and promoting rural entrepreneurship, facilitating knowledge sharing, and fostering connections among various stakeholders.

Simultaneously,the partnership remains acutely aware of the hurdles encountered by women, youth, and other underrepresented groups in rural employment. Their mission includes advocating for increased support and representation. They’re scrutinizing local policies and initiatives that have provided vital boosts to rural businesses, analyzing what has proven successful, and locating areas where improvements can be made.

Recognizing the vital role played by local institutions such as universities, research centers, and community organizations in supporting rural businesses, the partnership is shining a spotlight on successful partnerships between these institutions and government administrations. Also, creativity seems to remain at the forefront of rural entrepreneurship. The partnership is actively exploring emerging strategies in rural areas, emphasizing the advantages and opportunities they offer. They maintain a keen focus on preserving local customs and values while embracing innovation and modernity. Conducting in-depth investigations into how local culture and traditions influence these ventures is one of this deliverable’s objectives.

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