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RESPO X, From The Workplace to The Classroom

The RESPO X project is intended to address digital transformation by developing and validating the RESPO X app, which will support learners to systematically improve their competences and skills.

The RESPO X application is already developed, and its main goal and functionality is to monitor, develop and enhance the employees’ competences and skills, in their working environment. In a more practical way, it consists of an online tool, which requires the registration of the employees and the HR administrator.

Through the registration to the application, the HR administrator is in position to track, monitor the competences of the employees in a certain workplace, and propose specialized trainings in order for these competences to be enhanced. 

The main objective of the RESPO X project is to find feasible ways to transfer the application from the workplace environment, directly to the classroom in Higher Education, where the HR administrator would be the professor, and the employee would be the student.

The value of the RESPO X application use in the HE environment is high, since the professors would be in position to monitor their students’ progress, propose adequate trainings, and track their competences, in relation to a certain field of study.

From the 12th to the 16th of September 2022, the project partners met both face-to-face and online in Larissa, Greece, to attend the staff training, along with the second transnational project meeting, that took place under responsibility of Innovation Hive. The basic goals of the training were:

  • The validation of the RESPO X application
  • The proposal of possible ways for the application to be transferred in HE environment
  • The selection of a core set of skills for the training courses
  • The selection of courses for the transdisciplinary training
  • The finalization of the selection criteria for the students that will participate to the C2 training in Barcelona
  • Brainstorming on effective ways to optimize the application

The training lasted 5 days, and it was successfully completed, with active participation of all the participants, effective brainstorming, and it has fulfilled its objectives, and more. The RESPO X application was tested in its workplace form by the participants, which made to-the-point and constructive remarks on how to optimize it and make it more user-friendly.

A vast set of courses was presented to the participants, and from that list they decided on the core set that would be of great use for the trainings.

Furthermore, the selection criteria for the C2 participants were discussed and set, highlighting the need for inclusion of students with fewer opportunities, to promote inclusion and provide equal educational opportunities to all.

The training was enlightening, overpassed its original expectations, and all the partners are eager to see the project progress, and start working on the next steps to make that happen.

During the last days, the project partners met in order to discuss upon project management, dissemination, evaluation, and draw an organized schedule for the project’s next milestones.

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