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Sustainable practices for a ZERO WASTE kitchen

On 4 March, in collaboration with AKMI, the information event in the form of a workshop on the UglyFruitsNOT! With the gastronomy department at AKMI we organized an event in which we made the project known and conveyed its goal of reducing food waste.

This event was in the form of a workshop as the participants had an active role in it and it was generally characterized by a general interactivity. The purpose of the workshop is to highlight the importance of enhancing the knowledge, skills and competencies of trainers to educate professionals in the food supply chain on the value of reducing ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables and the role they play and can play in this, as well as their role in changing consumer perceptions of ugly fruit and vegetables in the context of sustainable consumption.  

Initially, a presentation was designed which referred to waste management. Its purpose was to raise questions about the participants’ daily habits, to remind them of advantages of living a zero-waste way life and the general advantages of zero waste. This presentation included case studies and alternative ways of utilizing the food waste we usually throw away.

Also worth mentioning is the “Master box” prepared and presented to the participants. But what is the so-called “Master box”? It is a box that contained food residues that we normally throw away and also abnormally formed food that we avoid buying. The aim is to spark the imagination of the participants and get them to think of ways in which they can use them and possibly turn them into something else. A very interesting exercise as it seemed as there was a lot of participation and exchange of views. The event continued with the reporting of the case studies.

In summary, the participants seemed to be extremely appreciative and interested in waste reduction and better waste management. After the activities and educational events there was an opportunity for further discussion and reflection on the subject matter discussed. It can be described as very encouraging that the event was so well received and successful, which can be seen from the number of participants and their general attitude and participation. The comments were certainly very encouraging and their willingness to be educated and learn more about the subject matter shows that the theme of the project resonates and is therefore timely and necessary.

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