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Unlocking Entrepreneurship in Rural Youth: A Comprehensive Guide to the EntreComp Framework

In a collaborative effort spearheaded by DEFOIN, a consortium of partners has created a guide aimed at fostering entrepreneurship among the youth, particularly in rural settings. The EntreComp framework, developed by the European Commission, serves as the cornerstone of this initiative, offering a structured reference for Entrepreneurship Competences. The framework defines the three competence areas, comprising 15 competences, an 8-level progression model, and an exhaustive list of 442 learning outcomes. This guide is poised to play a crucial role in advancing knowledge and utilization of the EntreComp framework not only within the European Union but also in third countries, especially in Mediterranean regions.

The project encompasses the development of targeted activities tailored to nurture each competence outlined in the EntreComp framework. Importantly, these activities are designed to address the unique needs of rural youth, aligning with the Entrepreneurship Youth Goal 6. The consortium aims to not only disseminate the EntreComp framework in Mediterranean countries but also translate this comprehensive theoretical tool into practical applications. By doing so, they bridge the gap between theory and action, ensuring relevance to the specific target group of rural young entrepreneurs aged 18-30.

One of the primary objectives of the initiative, encapsulated in Work Package 3 (WP3), is to promote the widespread implementation of the EntreComp framework among youth organizations in both EU and non-EU countries. The guide, represented by Deliverable D3.1, is instrumental in achieving this objective by providing specific tools and resources tailored to the needs of young people. Additionally, it seeks to enhance the capabilities of partner organizations in supporting youth entrepreneurship initiatives, empowering youth workers, counselors, and professionals with the necessary knowledge and resources. The ultimate goal is to create a domino effect, fostering the exchange of best practices and peer support through the collaborative work facilitated by the guide during EntreTot and National Pilot Training.

Furthermore, the guide is envisioned as a lasting resource, serving as the foundation for the EntreTOT Programme (Training of Trainers on EntreComp framework). This training program, targeted at least 12 youth workers and job counselors, not only imparts knowledge but also acts as a litmus test for the guide’s effectiveness. Feedback from the training sessions will be crucial in refining and enhancing the content, ensuring the guide remains dynamic and relevant. Ultimately, the EntreComp framework, as championed by this guide, seeks to raise the capacity of organizations working with young people, cultivate international collaborations, and provide a valuable resource for youth workers striving to unlock the entrepreneurial potential of rural youth.

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