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A glimpse into Creativity WEB-TOOLKIT

Stabilizing the tumultuous relationship between two complex systems—human culture and the natural world—is the goal of environmental sustainability and an important priority of the European Union. Following this line, Green Artivism project aims to include the creative and artistic sector in the political discussion of climate change and reinforce and educate them with tools that will assist them in individualism, advocacy, and expression. 

The first deliverable of the project, the Creativity WEB-TOOLKIT has been developed but not yet finalized. The English version has already been uploaded on project’s website and will be available soon in all partners’ language (Spanish, Slovenian, Greek). 

The purpose of this web toolkit is to provide tutorials in the form of videos/documents under four different thematics: theater, photography, multimedia, storytelling in a user-friendly digital environment in a way that will enable users to work on their own materials later on.

These tutorials will be tested through piloting. Participants will evaluate the developed tools and provide their feedback for improvement. Through this procedure high quality of deliverables and tailored educational materials will be achieved.The ultimate goal of this specific deliverable is to enhance the dynamic of the Green Deal initiative, a roadmap for Europe becoming a climate-neutral continent by 2050 through, by transitioning to a clean, circular economy whereas pollution will be reduced, and a more efficient usage of resources will be embraced.

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