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GreenELEMENT Project Kickstarts with Partners’ Meeting in Rotterdam

The Green ELEMENT project, aimed at fostering sustainable business leadership through innovative training programs, kicked off with a productive meeting in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Hosted by NEFINIA, the project coordinators, and attended by partners from Denmark, Bulgaria, and Cyprus, the gathering on 23/11 marked an important effort towards advancing green business practices in vocational education and training (VET).

During the meeting, participants were introduced to the project’s core objectives, notably the development of the Green Business Leadership Key Competencies (GBLC) training program. This program seeks to equip VET trainers with the necessary tools to nurture 21st-century business leaders capable of addressing sustainability challenges within their enterprises. Emphasizing on the “green leadership mindset,” the project aims to instill responsible market behavior while promoting environmental and societal stewardship among SME leaders.

Integral to the project’s success are two important deliverables: the GreenELEMENT State-of-the-Art Report on Green Business Leadership and the Final Report. These comprehensive documents serve as guiding frameworks for program development and evaluation. During the meeting, partners engaged in discussions to refine these reports, ensuring they align effectively with the project’s overarching goals. Notably, the final version of the deliverables, presented in a user-friendly flipbook format, will soon be accessible on the project website in multiple languages, facilitating widespread dissemination and uptake.

Beyond program development, the GreenELEMENT project underscores a broader commitment to enhancing VET training policies and institutions in light of digitalization. By updating training processes to incorporate contemporary digital tools and methodologies, the project aims to empower trainers and SME leaders alike with the knowledge, skills, and competencies essential for navigating the evolving landscape of sustainable business practices. Through collaborative endeavors and knowledge-sharing, the GreenELEMENT consortium endeavors to catalyze positive change, fostering a new generation of environmentally conscious and socially responsible business leaders poised to drive meaningful impact in the global economy.

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