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Addressing Youth Unemployment through the Development of Entrepreneurial Skills

Youth unemployment is a pressing issue facing many countries around the world. It not only has economic consequences, but it can also have negative social and psychological impacts on young people. However, there is hope for addressing this problem. One approach is to focus on developing specialized pathways for increasing young people’s abilities and entrepreneurial mindset.

There are several ways to do this. One approach is to offer education programs that teach young people the skills they need to succeed in the workforce. This can include everything from technical skills, such as carpentry or computer programming, to softer skills, such as communication and teamwork. By providing young people with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the job market, we can help them find meaningful employment and build a bright future for themselves.

Aligned to the aforementioned the Young Entrepreneurs Guild (YEG) project aims to address the problem of youth unemployment by fostering the entrepreneurial mindset and skills of young people. It focuses on the improvement of the quality in the fields of education, training and youth while at the same time is promoting entrepreneurial ideas through extra-curricular activities and courses in view of increasing innovation capacity and opportunistic mindset of potential youth entrepreneurs. The project will encourage cross-sectorial partnership and cooperation at international level.

The YEG project is based on the belief that entrepreneurship is a viable career path for young people and that by providing them with the necessary skills and support, they can succeed in creating their own businesses and jobs. The project aims to provide young people with the tools and resources they need to develop their entrepreneurial skills and to turn their ideas into successful ventures. To achieve this goal, the YEG consortium, in the context of the project’s 1st deliverable, conducted training sessions in Bulgaria from 31/10 – 4/11. At the training, each partner brought 2 people from each partner country who were presented with good practices from programmes and institutions that support young entrepreneurs as well as the results of surveys conducted in each partner country. The aforementioned explored the reasons why someone might turn to entrepreneurship and the skills that an entrepreneur should possess to support an entrepreneurial idea. Participants gave feedback and presented their personal experiences and views on what they had seen. – Various workshops were also held to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit of the participants.  

Overall, addressing youth unemployment requires a multi-faceted approach that includes the development of entrepreneurial skills. One of the key features of the YEG project is its emphasis on hands-on learning and experiential education. The project encourages young entrepreneurs to get out into the field and test their ideas in real-world situations, providing them with the opportunity to learn from their successes and failures. By investing in young people and providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed, we can help create a more prosperous and inclusive society for all.

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