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For the past few years, the EU has been at a turning point, and believes that younger generations are the ones to shape Europe’s future. Aligned to this, the EU tries to cultivate inventiveness, as it is deemed that inventions will lead towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for people and planet, based on solidarity and respect.

The European Commission is supporting such initiatives by organising the first /European Inventors Week (EIW). Following this campaign, Inventors all around Europe discussed constructively about inventions and the impact these have to society. The ultimate goal is to foster an environment of inventiveness and innovation in addition to inspiring young Europeans to harness their imagination for the benefit of the EU community.

Innovation Hive, is always aligned with principles that promote inventiveness and innovation and participated in the campaign, by organising a webinar called ‘’The Inventors of Today – The Leaders of Tomorrow’’. The event was organized in the context of the European Inventors Week and Its main goal was to contribute effectively to the growth and development of innovative inventions in Europe. During the webinar, 3 groups of young inventors, had the opportunity to be a vital part of a constructive dialogue, oriented to inventions and their impact, in a regional, national or European level. That way, the event promoted the spirit of inventiveness and raised awareness regarding the need of innovation in the EU. As a result, youth was encouraged and motivated to become Europe’s future leaders that will lead Europe a step closer to growth. The topics of discussion, covered areas related to innovation in start-ups and entrepreneurship (environment, digital) while at the same time, the importance of providing the fertile environment for innovation in the EU were thoroughly analyzed.

In conclusion, Europe should continue to promote, sustain, and disseminate the message of open research and open innovation, as well as stay open to the rest of the world. The EU should seek open collaboration to the advantage of its community, beginning with international solidarity and the vision of innovation as a global public good. At the same time, attention should be paid on defining and disseminating the essential societal values and goals that Europe wishes to achieve through its internal and external innovation policies. Such principles and aspirations may be transferred to other nations in part through joint initiatives, such as the aforementioned, about innovation ecosystems and smart specialization techniques.

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