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Another Successful Step for the Academy of Youth Workers 2 with the Academic Community of the University of Thessaly!

On the first of November, the Academy of Youth Workers 2 made its dynamic entrance at the University of Thessaly, and the response from the students of the Business Administration Department was enthusiastic!

As part of the event, we emphasized participation and dialogue. We passionately presented our educational content, challenging students to explore our escape rooms. We had the opportunity to explain how this interactive approach helps foster critical thinking and promotes understanding of important issues in contemporary society.

The students were delighted by the exciting experience and the opportunity to combine learning and fun. They gained new knowledge and skills, experiencing the importance of education in a fun way.

Our website presentation was the highlight, as we introduced the educational materials and escape rooms. The website offers navigation in the world of youth, enhancing access to games, educational materials and information.

The Academy of Youth Workers 2 is not just a project, but a community that brings together young people and organizations working on youth issues, with the aim of empowering young people and giving them the digital skills they need to succeed in the labor market. We invite everyone to follow the continuation of our project, get involved and follow us on social media for news and updates.

We unite knowledge and create opportunities. Together for a dynamic future! 💡🌟

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