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Kafsimo by Coffee Grounds: Two Days of Activities in the City of Larissa

It is our main goal to promote innovative practices and connect the local community of Larissa aiming to progress, development of a European identity for the city and in this case the partnership for a multiple environmental, social and economic benefits for the city.

Last week we reached out to the people of Larissa and in collaboration with Incommon we introduced Kafsimo project and discussed everything we can achieve starting from a favorite habit of ours! Recycling coffee!

At a very interesting meeting with the presence of the Municipality of Larissa and the Deputy Mayor of the Environment Mr. Panagiotis Ntais , with representatives of SIKAEL-Association of Property of Leisure and Food Stores of Larissa, with representatives of cafes and Mr. Vasilis Philippou of ΕΣΕΚ ΣΥΝ.ΠΕ – who presented the positive impact of the project on social, environmental and economic levels and focused on the importance of local application and utilization of the precious remnant.

At the same time, through a pilot collection action from 14 cafes in the city, in a very short time, we collected more than 50 kg of coffee residue, we talked to about 20 owners, café managers and baristas who happily embraced the project and would like to join soon and actively participate in it by making it part of their daily routine.

Through our dialogue with the locals, eight out of ten Larissa residents stated that they would participate in a process of utilizing their household residue filling us with a very encouraging mood.

The participating cafes:

We hope that after this initiative we have initiated a fruitful discussion so our city, the city of coffee to begin recycling, utilizing and benefiting from this beloved habit. More information for the project here:

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